Reyes Martial Arts:
Children, Young Adults & Adults Programs

KENPO KARATE CLASSES: Every day - 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Principles of Motion taught by Mr. Ed Parker to Mr. Reyes (first generation Black Belt) that are realistic and effective. Our System uses every part of the body as weapons: Punches, open hand strikes (palms & fingers), elbows, knees, kicks, take downs & control manipulations.

KENPO (Grappling):
Submission Grappling Classes. We teach a combination of Modern Ground Fighting. Locks, submissions, take downs, throws, ground control and various other aspects of ground fighting. We blend Judo, Wrestling and Submission Grappling all into one. Our Submission Grappling Program is one of our Kenpo Programs.

KENPO (Continuous Fighting):
Another Kenpo Program available in our School. This program covers important techniques such as: Jab, Right Corss, Hook, Uppercut, Basic Boxing Punches, Leg Kicks and Sweeps.

WEAPONS: Fridays - 5:00pm
By Master Manny Reyes. This program includes self defense training using some of the legendary weapons that have been used for generations by Kenpo Masters. Bo, Sai, Kenpo Clubs, Sword.

By Master Manny Reyes. We train Local and National Champions. Weapons, Forms & Sparring. This program will help the student improve such techniques. And also will bring the confidence needed in situations where focusing and concentration are key factors in order to succeed.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Monday to Friday - 1:30pm to 6:30pm
Our innovative Martial Arts After School Program blends two important programs into one. We are dedicated to the scholastic achievement of our martial arts students. We stress a B average and reward achievers.

If you are looking for a fun, motivating way to get into the best shape of your life look no more; you have found it!


Private and Group classes call for information and appointment at (305) 696-0099

Reyes Martial Arts.
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